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Watercolour Ground

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground enables you to use watercolors on canvas, other fabrics, wood, plaster, and hardboard, and even metal, plastic, and glass. Just brush it on and let it dry to create an ideal, absorbent surface on virtually any material.

Sell $44.00

Mont Marte 72pce Colour Pencils in Wooden Case

Professional high-quality pigments and a strong chip resistant core make these pencils a favourite among artists. Lacquered wood case with magnetic closure keeps them safe and secure

Sell $89.00

Couture Creations All Purpose Art Glue 60ml

Original All Purpose Art Glue from Couture Creations is ideal for many general applications and perfect for at school and in the classroom. Our general purpose formula holds together almost any surface.

Sell $8.99

Featured Artist

Artist Sandra Fry

Sandra is a local artist based on the Central Coast of NSW. She mainly specialises in painting Australian native Flora and Fauna using various acrylic paints.

Paints used are a combination of various brands such as Jo Sonja, Chromacryl and Hydrocryl Original Dimension acrylics.

Her paintings show the native wildlife of Australia in their natural habitats, capturing the essence of the Australian Bush scenery.

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Alcohol Ink Technique